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The You Have Arrived Boutique is part of the LivingAfterWLS website.

LivingAfterWLS Mission Statement:

The LivingAfterWLS neighborhood is an online market driven social space evoking feelings of comfort, understanding, knowledge, warmth, acceptance, trust and happiness.

Business Segments:

  • LivingAfterWLS Internet Community
  • You Have Arrived Ezine Newsletters
  • You Have Arrived Artisan Boutique
  • Leader Helpers Support Group Facilitation

Core Values:

o Socialization & Culture
o Social Equality
o Education & Understanding
o Health & Wellness
o Information & Communication
o Opportunity & Sustainability
o The LivingAfterWLS neighborhood is built on the strength of relationships.
o The LivingAfterWLS neighborhood is inclusive: everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.
o The LivingAfterWLS management is accountable to those who find safe haven here.
o The LivingAfterWLS neighborhood is at all times flexible, adaptable, intelligent and creative.

Kaye Bailey, Founder
PO Box 311
Evanston, Wyoming 82931
307 389 5638

Julie Hullinger
LivingAfterWLS Public Relations Director
Contact Julie Hullinger
801 891 2340

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