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Customer Favorite 5 Day Pouch Test Bargain Bundle

5DPT Bargain Bundle The Works! Everything you need to do your very best with the 5 Day Pouch Test!
--5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual 2nd Edition (2012)
--Feed the Carb Monster Soup Mixes (16 Servings - 2 Mixes)
--Emergen-C Bundle pack (7 Servings)
--FREE -- Goody Bag that includes samples, fun stuff, and worksheets to get you off to a great start on the 5 Day Pouch Test. Save 15% when you purchase the bundle. Ships UPS Priority Mail so you can get back on track right away! SKU #LAWLS-5DPTBB

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Bundle Price: $39.95
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5 Day Pouch Test Support Bundle!

Enjoy the benefits of 27 carefully selected delicious servings to support your weight loss goals.

If you already have the 5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual but need some additional encouragement and dietary support this bundle is for you. Improve your odds for success with this bundle of 27 servings of proven dietary support products. Our dietary supplements are carefully selected to fuel your 5DPT, promote weight loss, and help you get back on track with WLS.

Bundle includes 6 servings herbal tea w/sweetener; 8 servings carb monster soup your choice of Hearty-Vegetable or Tomato-Basil; 6 servings Protein2Go Drink Mix; 7 servings Emergen-C; complimentary Goody Bag and helpful suggestions for using dietary support products with the 5DPT.

Bundle Price $25.95

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Protein Power Book Bundle
Protein Power Book Bundle

Rule #1 of WLS - Protein First. The more you know about protein the easier it is to include in the diet. Get Kaye's 2012 cookbook, "Protein First Meals You Will Love" paired with the 3rd Edition (2011) Protein Counter by Nolan and Heslin. Knowledge you need now to lose weight and keep it off! Cooking with Kaye (November 2012) is 196 pages with 134 all new recipes plus hints and tips for improving your overall nutrition while managing the surgically altered gastric system. Compliment that with 3rd Edition Protein Counter featuring more than 15,000 listings and nutritional data for 80-plus popular restaurants. *This bundle makes a terrific gift for someone just out of surgery.

Bundle it today and save 20% off the publisher suggested price.
Free Goody Bag & Four Rules Magnet with Bundle ($3.95 Value).
Suggested Publisher Price: $38.95 - Purchased Separately: $33.40
Bargain Bundle Price: $30.95 - (Save $8.00)
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