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Create a Storm of Enthusiasm
by Kaye Bailey

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Previously published August 17, 2007 - You Have Arrived Newsletter

This email reveals the next step in your back on track efforts following the5 Day Pouch Test we introduced on August 14. If you missed that newsletter check out the 5 Day Pouch Test on the LivingAfterWLS Blog. The 5 Day Pouch Test is an effective way to step down from a carb habit, give your tummy pouch a rest, get back into a high protein eating program and rediscover the tightness of your new pouch.

During the 5 Day Pouch Test there are some other things we can do to effectively get back on track living in a manner that makes the most of our weight loss surgery tool. One thing is to recapture the energy and drive that we had as pre-op patients and newbies. Remember that determination and passion we had to make the most of our new lives? It was an all consuming raw belief that this would be the time when we finally capture our health, lose some weight and kick butt on the obesity that was holding us back from doing things that were important to us. When I meet pre-ops or new post-ops I sponge this enthusiasm off them without shame. I love that "nothing is going to stop me now" enthusiasm. I bet you do too.

So how is it, with so much momentum and enthusiasm, that we get off track?

There are two things I know about human nature. First, nobody ever wakes up and declares, "Today is the day I will relax my enthusiasm and get off track." Second, nobody ever wakes up and to get back on track without first saying, "Today is the day I get back on track and I have a plan." Falling off track happens without a plan or script. Getting back on track requires a conscious decision, a carefully designed plan and the determination to make it happen.

Why do we fall off track? There are hundreds of reasons: stress, complacency, happiness, grief, celebrations, devastations, distractions and reactions. Nobody wants to fall of track, but life is full of twists and turns that disrupt our focus. It makes me sad when people talk about shame and failure when they have left the weight loss surgery track for a myriad of reasons. This is not a cause for shame or failure, this is a fact of humanity and indeed of living. But human nature is also resilient and powerful. We have the ability to recover from set backs time and time again.

While you are doing the 5 Day Pouch Test I encourage you to create an inner storm of enthusiasm and hope and energy. Go back to those pre-op and early post-op days and live that moment over again. Read motivational articles and visit the Neighborhood forum. Talk to pre-ops and newbies. Look at your before and after pictures. You can go back and you can use this surgical tool to lose weight, become healthier and feel good about yourself.

Have a great weekend!
Kaye Bailey

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