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Kaye's Regular Eating Plan
Weight Loss Surgery Diet

LivingAfterWLS Recipesby Kaye Bailey

After six years of living with gastric bypass I’ve finally come into a regular eating routine where I no longer fight against the gastric bypass nor do I battle the head games associated with eating restriction. I don’t believe what I do day-to-day is perfect but I know it works for me giving me optimum energy and good health.

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Over time I’ve found if I strictly control my food choices for breakfast and lunch I can allow a bit more freedom and adventure in my evening meal. In fact, I enjoy wonderful variety and flavor in my evening meals. I seldom snack which I believe is the key to having maintained my weight loss.

Kaye’s Regular Eating Plan After WLS

For breakfast and lunch I eat the same things almost every day. Breakfast is most often 1/2 cup cottage cheese with 1/2 cup of Kashi Go-Lean High Protein cereal or cottage cheese with 1/2 cup sugar free jell-o or cottage cheese with 1 hard-cooked egg. I also have a cup of coffee about an hour after breakfast. (Coffee is not recommended during the phase of weight loss.)

For lunch I enjoy tuna mixed with a little miracle whip, or canned chicken fixed the same. Sometimes I'll have shrimp (6-8 peeled) or those imitation seafood flakes. Usually I add a piece of low-fat mozzarella cheese and then some fruit, whatever is in season. If have lunch out I'll order a salad with the chicken and eat the chicken and taste the salad. I may order a sandwich and eat the insides, not the bread. I may taste the bread, but not eat much of it.

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Now for dinner: that is when I get my variety. I cook at home almost every night of the week. I enjoy learning new recipes and often experiment with finding "safe" foods that both my husband, a normal eater, and I will enjoy. We eat fish twice a week, chicken and pork frequently and red meat once a week. We have essentially eliminated starch such as potatoes, pasta and rice from our regular diet. Remarkably, neither of us miss it or the heavy feeling it brings. Side dishes are generally steamed in-season vegetables or baked vegetables such as winter squash.

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I imagine this all sounds very blah and basic. It took a long time to accept that if I eat my safe foods for breakfast and lunch I will feel good and chemically balanced all day. Dinners seem like such a treat because of the variety, so it is working for me (finally!). It takes a long time to resolve and accept a regular eating plan, but once established it feels like a comfortable place to be.

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