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    Exercise Videos: 10 Reasons They Work for You

    By Kathy Ferneau

    Exercise videos are an easy and inexpensive way to establish a structured exercise program.

    Ever since the days of Jack LaLanne's black and white calisthenics, people have been working out in front of their TV sets. It worked in the 1950s, and it still works today.

    Jane Fonda sparked a resurgence of exercise videos in the 1980s with her workout programs. Following her lead, vast numbers of fitness experts, former Olympic medalists, and all manner of athletes have produced exercise videos for private home use.

    Outside of taking a walk down the block, nothing could be simpler than popping a video or DVD into the player and following the leader on the screen.

    Take a look at the benefits:

    1) Videos are very inexpensive. From zero dollars to 40 dollars at most. Try these sources:

    -- Your local library

    -- Rent from a video store

    -- Check out the half priced book store

    2) You can tailor the level or style of the program. You can find all levels and styles of exercise programs from mild stretching and yoga, to high-energy kick boxing and martial arts style.

    3) No pricy gym or club memberships needed. While you may like a club's offerings or maybe the socializing, for many people they just don't work out.

    Preparing for Weight-Loss Surgery

    4) Fancy designer outfits are not required. You can wear your old sweats or whatever feels comfortable. At a gym you may feel pressured into expanding your workout wardrobe.

    5) You can follow videos in the privacy of your home. Practice as much as you need to--no one is watching! This is important for people who have a lot of weight to lose. Clubs are full of people who are already in shape.

    Making Exercise a Part of Your Life

    6) Exercise videos fit into your schedule--you don't have to conform to the club's schedule. Want to work out at 5:00 a.m.? No problem.

    7) No travel time. If you spend 20 minutes getting there and 20 minutes coming home, you are wasting a lot of time in the car.

    8) Equipment is not needed, unless you want some. Some video programs use simple stretching ropes or dumb bell weights, but you certainly won't have to invest in any hydraulic equipment.

    9) It's easy to vary your routine if you get bored. Start simple, then advance to a tougher program. Switch from dance style exercise to kick boxing to yoga, just for the low cost of a video.

    10) You have the option to form a group if you want to. Is your church basement empty? Or maybe you have a large patio where friends could work out together. Then enjoy a low-calorie lunch afterward.

    Exercise videos bring the studio and trainer to your home. Get started today!

    Looking for diet and weight loss tips? Kathy Ferneau has created an excellent
    resource for information on diets, healthy eating, and exercise.
    Click here:

    Check out Kathy's blog:

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