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    Bagel Boats by Kim Stover

    I don’t know about you, but I have not had a bagel since having WLS. Bagels used to be one of my most favorite foods. Plain, garlic, cinnamon raisin…oh there are just so many varieties that can bring a smile to my face. Don’t even get me started on the spreads and other fillings!

    I was at my local bakery picking up my weekly loaf of whole grain bread and found myself looking at the bagels that were on display. It was eight o’clock in the morning and I had planned on having breakfast once I got home from picking up my bread. Now, I’m two years post-op, am at a normal BMI and feel that I'm very in control of my food intake. This morning, those bagels were calling my name. I knew that they were a forbidden food for the post-op patient. White flour, doughy center and buckets of carbs…not a smart choice for the WLS patient. Still, it was calling my name and I made the executive decision to purchase ONE bagel. I selected the “everything” bagel and had the counter person slice it for me. She put it in its own little bag, sliced my loaf of bread and off I headed for home.

    Now, this is when I realized that my brain had officially transformed from “Over Eater” to “Normal Eater”. While driving home, not once was I tempted to smell the bagel, peek at the bagel or taste the bagel. Not once did I feel any guilt. This was NEW! Pre-WLS Kim would have been feeling EXTREMELY guilty about purchasing a forbidden food. Pre-WLS Kim would have had consumed the bagel in the car on the way home, tossing the paper bag that it was in before entering the house. I’m single and live alone. Who was I hiding my food from? Clearly, Binge Kim would hide her food from Good Girl Kim. This came from many years of dieting as a child and trying to be Good Girl Kim for my parents.

    The LAWLS High Protein Diet

    Once home, I was truly excited about my bagel, only because it was new. How could I manage this the best way? I took one look at the doughy center and knew that I would have issues with it, even if toasted. I ended up gutting my bagel. I pulled all of the soft part out and tossed it into the trash. Then I popped the two Bagel Boats into the toaster. Let me tell you, the smell was divine! I then scrambled an egg, warmed an ounce of deli turkey slices and placed a slice of low fat cheese on my Bagel Boat…HEAVEN! I had to chew forever, but every bite was delicious and satisfying. I then found myself plotting other fillings for my new find. Tuna, chicken or egg salad would be excellent!

    Bagel Boats…a great vessel for our much needed protein!

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