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    Can we live well and have cookies too?

    Published You Have Arrived Newsletter: March 31, 2008

    Greetings Neighbors:

    Cookie & Milk - Photo by Kaye BaileyDo you remember back in day of June Cleaver and Auntie Bee that cookies and milk for an afternoon snack were a good thing? Where did we go wrong that a wholesome nurturing snack became an out of the cellophane gorge fest of processed white carbs and empty caloric evil? Is there a sensible way to return a wholesome cookie and milk back into our nutritional and emotional nurturing?

    As you know at LivingAfterWLS we believe in the standard "Four Rules" of life after gastric band or bypass surgery, and that includes no snacking. But you know, we are all human and once in a while a carefully planned intelligent snack will bring great comfort to a stressful day or tide us over until the next meal. There is no surgery that will ever take away our need for nurturing food that brings us comfort. When we try to eliminate all the "bad" foods and "comfort" foods a feeling of deprivation results often followed by an unhealthy binge and then feelings of disappointment or failure. Nobody wants that.

    What if you had the power to enjoy a wholesome cookie and beverage, between meals, knowing it was a nutritious and emotionally fulfilling gift to your body? Would you be game to try it?

    Today we welcome cookies and milk back into our weight loss surgery way of living!

    Ah, but there are some rules.

    First: you must prepare the cookies from the recipes provided in the exact portion sizes. The recipes are from the American Diabetic Association and are safe for people controlling or in remission of diabetes, as many WLS post-ops are. The correct portion will not result in a dumping situation for malabsorptive patients.

    Next: you must exercise portion control and enjoy your snack in a calm mindful setting taking at least 10 minutes (preferably 15) to eat and savor each bite and sip. Ten minutes of enjoyment beats the self-loathing that follows a snacking binge any day of the week. You deserve ten minutes in your day to nurture your soul and revive your energy: this snack will do both without guilt.

    Enjoy 1 small cookie with 4-ounces of vanilla or chocolate RTD (Ready to Drink) protein shake. Find a restful spot and take at least 10 minutes to enjoy your snack: it is remarkable how filling and fulfilling this small amount can be. By forcing yourself to take time-out you can enjoy the snack and be mindful of your body.

    Before you click to email me the question, "Isn't this the exact slider food situation you tell us to avoid?" Ah, I knew you were thinking that! Because you will take only one cookie and measure your 4-ounces of protein drink and take the time to enjoy you are disqualified from the slider food penalty here. Between the cookie and the shake you get about 6 grams of protein and a whole lot of satisfaction. This snack becomes a slider food when you eat several cookies with an unmeasured non-nutritional beverage.

    Finally, after enjoying your snack focus on how good you feel about your personal power to measure and enjoy a responsible portion of a smart protein-wise flavorful treat. Who knows, we could start a revival of the good 'ole days!

    For more smart cookie recipes check out American Diabetes Association.


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